Apparead in France in 1951, Trial motocycle is a displicine that requires coordination, focusing, balance and control.


The purpose in Trial is to climb obtacles without putting your foot on the ground. There is no notion of speed, which makes it a displicine not dangerous and not expensive. 


Because of its lightness and handling, Trial motocycle is ideal for a first initiation to motocycles in general. It teachs you motocycle basics.


With our 350Ha area and a difference in altitude of 400 meters, everybody will find his pleasure. An exceptional site for Trial lovers !


Centre Tout Terrain de Rochepaule is certified by the French Motocycle Federation.




  • Daily Pass  :       15,00€
  • Weekend Pass  : 25,00€
  • Annual Pass :   200,00€

Includes the access to the whole 350Ha area, a water access to clean your machine and to the compressor.



Accident Insurance : Accident insurance is optional and charged 5€ per person.



In case of that insurance is not taken out, the CTT is not responsible for the repatriation and/or related costs. The injured person must contact the necessary emergency and insurance services.

Material rental


You can come with your own vehicle or you can rent one


50 & 80 BETA : light and easy for teenagers, small people and beginners.


125 GAS GAS (4 temps) : Ideal for cool Trial and rambles. Electric starter.


125 BETA & GAS GAS (2 temps) : Competition motocycles, ideal for those who like thrills.


250 GAS GAS (2 temps) : Best quality for the most confirmed pilots.


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