Hybride between four-wheels vehicle and motocycle, ATV is neither one or the other. ATV is THE all terrain vehicle that makes you ramble fun and friendly ! 


Learning this discipline is easy and accessible to everyone.


ATV is the all terrain ramble with no worry !




  • Daily Pass :         30,00 €
  • Weekend Pass :   45,00 €
  • Annual Pass :    300,00 €

Includes the access to the whole 350Ha area, a water access to clean your machine and to the compressor.



Accident Insurance : Accident insurance is optional and charged 5€ per person.


In case of that insurance is not taken out, the CTT is not responsible for the repatriation and/or related costs. The injured person must contact the necessary emergency and insurance services.



Our area is technical, it's not a highway. ATV made for speed won't feel very comfortable in here.


After some bad experiences and also to protect our customers, only ATV with original muffler are allowed. 


Discovery atv ramble


After some explanations from the instructor, you'll go for a first part for you to be comfortable with the machine, then you'll discover the site with him.

During the ramble, the instructor will evaluate your technic level and adjust the ramble for you to enjoy as much as possible your activity.


We'll make you enjoy new feelings, by challenging yourself and discovering a beautiful area in the same time.


private lesson with instructor and your own atv

You've just bought an ATV, you'd like to discover its full capacities but you'd like to do it without taking risks ?


Our instructor will make you comfortable and take the time to explain how to take your machine and the difficulties safely with the good reflexes !



Our goal : Get the full capacities of your ATV while keeping yourself safe

atv ramble for a whole weekend with instructor and your own atv

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