four wheels vehicles

The vaste area and its reliefs are ideal for crossing lovers.

For thoses who'd preref easier ways you also find some !



In a concern environmental protection and neighborhood care, we only allow vehicles with original muffler.


By experience, we'll ask you to be careful and respectful with the other users on the field.

field access

The 350Ha area are available for the four wheels vehicles ! A plan will be given for you to see the ways you'll be able to take or not.


  • Daily Pass :          55,00 €
  • Weekend Pass :    95,00 €
  • Annual PAss :     550,00 €

Includes the access to the whole 350Ha area, a water access to clean your machine and to the compressor.



Accident Insurance : Accident insurance is optional and charged 5€ per person.


In case of that insurance is not taken out, the CTT is not responsible for the repatriation and/or related costs. The injured person must contact the necessary emergency and insurance services.


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